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4 Vital Actions

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I awoke from a deep sleep as the alarm went off at 5:15 am. I slowly rolled out of bed, making my way to our master bathroom. Above me it was inky dark as I looked up and heard the rain drops fall on our skylight window. Turning the light on I dressed in my exercise clothes appreciating my water proof pants. I knew it would be wet on the beach when I met up with my running friends at 6:00 for our weekly jog.

I bring a lot of focus, attention, and discipline to my daily rhythm. I know that how I start my day sets the tone for how the rest of my day will go. As an entrepreneur, this discipline maximizes the value I can bring to my business and my employees. What I have learned is that there are 4 Vital Actions that I need to focus on every day:

  1. Start of my day
  2. My plan for the day
  3. Connections with people throughout the day
  4. Finish of my day

Start:  I start each day early, making sure that I stay away from all computer and electronic devices. After some grounded meditation, I eat a good breakfast, then exercise for an hour. After exercising I enjoy a coffee and write in my journal as I check my plan for the day. I review who will be helping me out and what conversations I need to have. Only then do I turn to the computer or my smart phone. How do you need to start your day to ensure your success?

Plan:  Do you spend the day reacting? Many entrepreneurs do, spending all of their time fighting fires. As I publish this post, I have just finished my strategic planning for the year. With clearly stated goals for the year, I use them to make sure that every day part of my time is blocked off to make progress on my strategic goals. I also review any critical meetings setup for the day. When do you review and update your plan for the day?

People:  As entrepreneurs we always try and do too much ourselves. I bring attention each day to those people that can help me to move ahead and those whom I can help. I review the critical conversations that I need to have—especially the difficult ones that hold people accountable. How do you connect with people each day?

Finish:  For me to have peak performance, I have to get enough sleep. The only way I do that is by getting to bed early. In the evening I begin the process of getting to bed one hour before I want to be asleep. Grounded meditation finishes my day, as it started it. I get my exercise clothes out and put them in the bathroom ready for me to put on the next morning. This all helps ensure that I will be off to a great start the next day. How will you finish your day tonight?

Being in rhythm is how all top performers achieve peak performance. If you are feeling overwhelmed or less than your best, I challenge you to make a change in one of the 4 Vital Areas of your day. Choose one thing you will change in either your start, plan, people, or finish each day for the next week. I think you will be amazed at how this one simple change will create a huge impact in your life.

If you want some help in making a change to your daily rhythm, tell me about it.

What are you waiting for?

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Comments (3)
  1. Jane says:

    I love how you segment your day to stay close to your convictions and bring relationships into every day while you take care of yourself and your business. You’re awesome.

    • David Greer says:

      Thanks so much Jane. It has taken a lot of work over a long period of time for me to gain this clarity. I’m happy to share it with others in the hope that it can make a difference for them. What is clear to me is that you bring a lot of attention to what is best for you at the start and end of your day.



  2. David Greer says:

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