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Define Your Ideal Day

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As a coach, I work with clients to get really clear on what resonates with them. When we are reaching for a future state that resonates with our deepest self, we can overcome almost any barrier to that vision. All of us have visions for ourselves at one point or another in our lives. Few of us take the time to really figure out what a powerful vision for ourselves truly looks like. By identifying those aspects of a day that our ideal for us, we then have the building blocks to put into our future vision. This makes it easier to imagine our vision and to write it down. The most powerful visions we have are the ones we actually write down and then tell other people about.

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Peak Personal Performance

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Leaders set the tone. How we show up has a big impact on those we lead. Showing up at your peak performance helps ensure that you show up the best you can be for all those around you. To achieve your peak personal performance focus on these areas in your life.

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Look In the Mirror

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Entrepreneurs are by definition leaders. It takes a leader to see a market need, come up with a product or service to satisfy that need, and then to go out and sell it. Those are all leadership acts in and of themselves. If you are an entrepreneur who has hired contractors or employees, you lead even more, by showing up for those individuals who work for you every day.

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Make A Decision

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Everyone in the room looked at each other. Then they all looked at me. For an hour we had struggled to make a decision. Round and round we went, looking for more information to guide us, wishing we could just walk out and defer our decision. With all eyes on me, it was time to push through the obstacles.

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