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Finish Well

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How I finish my day in a large way decides how I will start my next day. For example, I’ve learned that I need to head to bed one hour before the time I want to be asleep. Since I need to average seven hours sleep a night it is pretty easy to work backwards to when I need to start the process of winding down for the day.

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Plan to Succeed

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You stand up to present to your entire company. Together all of you moved through the challenges of the last year. After the polite applause died down, you press the forward button on your remote control. No one except you know for sure whether the ambitious goals that you and your senior team together came up with were achieved. Instead of showing financial numbers and progress against your goals, you show them a picture of the strip in Las Vegas. Cheering erupts in the room as everyone realizes that the each of them and their spouses are going to Las Vegas for three days to celebrate achieving those very goals you put in front of them a year ago.

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Challenge and Plan

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In 2015, I was fortunate to be able to write blog posts for numerous thought leadership blogs. For two of those blogs, I have been asked to be a regular writer. It is a privilege to be able to write for other blogs. In this post, I want to highlight The Lead Change Group and The CEO Magazine, what they represent, while giving you links to my latest writing for each. May you be challenged and plan in 2016.

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4 Vital Actions

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I awoke from a deep sleep as the alarm went off at 5:15 am. I slowly rolled out of bed, making my way to our master bathroom. Above me it was inky dark as I looked up and heard the rain drops fall on our skylight window. Turning the light on I dressed in my exercise clothes appreciating my water proof pants. I knew it would be wet on the beach when I met up with my running friends at 6:00 for our weekly jog.

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