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Scroll Up and Scroll Down

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Communication starts with concepts. We then map concepts into language. Communication breaks down when we are confused in either the concepts or the words we use to describe them.

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Seth Amazes

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Last Sunday I was amazed when I received Seth Godin’s This Might Work. I even video recorded and wrote about the experience of opening the biggest book I’ve ever seen in Having Fun With Seth Godin.

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Positive Every Day

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For two years my wife and I lived on a sailboat in the Mediterranean while we home schooled our three children. That adventure gave us a legacy that our family continues to draw from. When we are “stuck” on an issue we can change the tone of the discussion by focusing on the positive, such as when we stayed in the marina in Calvi, Corsica, France, exploring the fabulous village and enjoyed views like the one above.

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Where We Were On 9/11

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All the coverage of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 has brought back many memories for me. On September 11, 2001 Karalee, Jocelyn, Kevin, Allen, and I were living in a farm house near Lanmerin, Brittany, France. We were travelling by car, visiting Northern Europe, home schooling our three kids, while getting ready to go sailing in the Mediterranean for two years.

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