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Changing Focus

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In 2011, I committed to writing about Collaboration, Communication, and Business. That was during the first week of January and since then I have written two blog postings a week. My hope is that you have found the writing useful to your own career, organization, and business.

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Earlier this year our son Allen and his friend Jasper Kim won a silver medal at the Vancouver Regional Science Fair. Their experiment involved using magnets to see if magnetism affected plant growth. To the surprise of Allen and Jasper magnetism did affect plant growth positively. They called their experiment “Magnetotropism”.

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Attracting Talent

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If you want to attract talented individuals to your business, you need to stand out from the crowd. All of the marketing and communication that you do for your customers will also form part of what attracts people to your company. When you look at your web site, social media platforms, and press coverage, be sure to look for these things:

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Twitter Experiences

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I have been using @djgreer on Twitter for a year or two, but this year I have made a concerted effort to use Twitter as a platform to:

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