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Form Factor

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I am often surprised at how strongly I react to the physical form factor of things that I buy and use. My wife does the toothpaste buying in our house and she recently bought Crest toothpaste that came in new packaging. At first it seems like a good idea — toothpaste that will stand up on the bathroom counter.

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Communicate on the Inside

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In Write for the Customer I wrote about making sure that you have your audience in mind when writing and communicating. Today, I want to write about a different audience — the employees in your business.

To employees, senior management appears as if they are on top of a mountain. Isolated. Separated from the rest of the company.  Making occasional pronouncements from on high.

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Write for the Customer

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When we look at a beautiful flower, we can appreciate how nature has made everything in the flower perfect for us to enjoy. From the texture of the pedals to the depth of the color. When writing for customers and prospects, we need to appear authentic and natural to them in all of our communications. This starts with our thinking about our customers and continues with our writing.

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Marketing Tips

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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Their marketing plans are similarly diverse and the sophistication of plan often has no relation to the size of the company or the markets they serve. There are certain marketing fundamentals that apply no matter what your business or your target markets and prospects. While we need to paint a vision for our prospects, maybe they do want to sail into the sunset, we also need to focus on those fundamentals that will let us communicate our vision.

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