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Merry Christmas

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Today is my 55th Christmas. Like all the Christmases before, what matters most to me this Christmas Day is connecting with my family. My Mom and Dad gave the stocking above to me at an early age. Personalized with my name, you can see the love and care that went into its creation. From the pink bow on the reindeer to the smoke coming out of the steam train, this stocking connects me to all of my Christmases.

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Having Fun with Seth Godin

Posted by David Greer in Community, Marketing | 1 comments

I have been intrigued with Seth Godin’s Kickstarter project The Icarus Deception promoting his new book of the same name. Seth leads us with his marketing vision and shares it via his blog and books. I took part in the Kickstarter project and ordered both The Icarus Deception and the behemoth collection of his digital work.

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An Ideal Day

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We recently flew to Alberta to attend the wedding of the daughter of a good friend of ours. The wedding day had all of the components that make up an ideal day for me.

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A Personal Thank You

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Four years ago today on my fiftieth birthday I started a new relationship. After some time of personal frustration with where I was in life, I hired Kevin Lawrence as my personal and professional coach. We spent the entire day together four years ago in my first ever coaching session.

We all have people who enter our lives and have an impact. Sometimes small and sometimes big. All too often, we never acknowledge those people who help us to change course, grow, and learn helping us to move through personal and professional growth.

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