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Keep Connecting

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I’ve written before how Connecting People is a way I try and help to raise the level of discussion and make a difference in the world. I have had the opportunity to continue connecting with many new thought leaders this year, using Twitter as my connection platform. Here are a few more people whose writing challenges me to think differently.

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Connecting People

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I like to connect with people and help them connect with others. Whether as a spouse, parent, leader, or cheer leader. As a Canadian, I often look outside our borders to find global leaders who drive change in both business and life. In this post I wanted to introduce some of those that I have met on Twitter.

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Coming Together

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I  volunteer at Dragonboat Regattas in Vancouver’s False Creek. Dragonboat racing is a popular sport in Vancouver with thousands of participants. This weekend I was driving race referees around the race course all afternoon. There was one other referee and boat driver and between the four of us we had no extra people on the water. Which meant that we spent the entire afternoon out on the water helping to run race after race.

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Volunteering at Free Geek

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Allen Greer Volunteers at Free Geek Vancouver

My son Allen and I have started volunteering at Free Geek Vancouver. Free Geek was founded to ethically recycle computers. While there are organizations that will recycle computers, many of them ship the computers off shore or otherwise violate internation conventions for the recycling of hazardous materials (computers have many). Not only does Free Geek insure that dead computers are recycled ethically and according with international conventions, it takes working computers and rebuilds them, offerring them for sale at very low prices. Most of the customers in the Free Geek Vancouver store come from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, the poorest neighborhood in Canada.

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