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Flipboard, iPad, and Customer Experience

Posted by David Greer in Customer Service, Marketing | 1 comments


Earlier this year, I wrote about my new iPad computer. I continue to really enjoy my iPad. The user experience is fantastic. I have slowly been adding more applications to enhance that experience.

Recently, my friend Ron Seybold from Bites of Apple told me about Flipboard for the iPad. Flipboard takes your Facebook and Twitter feeds and lays them out in a magazine format. For tweets, any URL links are automatically dereferenced and made part of your magazine experience.

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The iPad — My First Apple Computer

Posted by David Greer in Business, Customer Service | 4 comments


I recently bought an iPad. I have a lot of friends who have switched from a MS Windows laptop to a Macbook. I thought the iPad might be a kindler, gentler introduction to an Apple user experience for me. At least that’s the rationalization I give anyone who will listen. The real reason is that I got tired of doing all the technical support in our house and everyone else getting the new toys. Both my sons were jealous of my new iPad — mission accomplished.

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A Balanced Approach?

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We often strive for balance, in both our personal and work lives, but is balance really what we should be striving for? In Kevin Eikenberry’s blog posting on The Unexpected Perils of Balance he challenges us whether we can truly prioritize what we need to do if we try and keep everything in balance. On satisfying customers, he poses these interesting questions:

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Delivering On Your Promises

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Many organizations make bold marketing promises. Few build the culture, people, and systems that can consistently delivery on the marketing promises. Top business coach, Kevin Lawrence, and I feature Mike Jagger of Provident Security who has built a Promise Delivery System that both makes a bold promise, while insuring that Provident delivers on that promise to their customers. Read how he does it:

How to Turn an Industry on Its Head: Become Masters at Delivering on Big Promises