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Change to Grow

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Thirteen years ago, we sailed from Kos, Greece to Bodrum, Turkey. It was the last and shortest crossing between two countries of the two years that we lived and sailed in the Mediterranean. Our son Kevin was twelve as we sailed across the Aegean Sea. We have seen enormous change in Kevin over the intervening years as he met challenges, changed, and grew.  

Break Out

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Earlier this year I was introduced to Hugh Culver. We had lots of connections from our commitment to family to his adventures and sailing. Hugh pioneered eco-sailing tours in BC's Queen Charlotte Islands, among many other achievements.  

Bart Copeland People Lessons Learned

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What do you do when you have helped build a successful software company, attracted some of the best technical talent in the world, and are achieving steady double-digit top-line revenue growth? Bart Copeland, CEO, the Management Team, and the board of directors of ActiveState faced this challenge. What they did might surprise you.  

Murray Goldberg Product Lessons Learned

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Serial entrepreneur Murray Goldberg created one of the world’s first online learning management systems (LMS) for universities and corporations. After seeing exponential growth, Murray exited the company he created, only to discover an entirely new industry with unique needs for training and learning management systems. Marine Learning Systems is Murray’s third company. There he brings a wealth of product knowledge, software engineering expertise, and entrepreneurship to a global problem that affects anyone who travels the world’s oceans.