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Murray Goldberg Product Lessons Learned

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Serial entrepreneur Murray Goldberg created one of the world’s first online learning management systems (LMS) for universities and corporations. After seeing exponential growth, Murray exited the company he created, only to discover an entirely new industry with unique needs for training and learning management systems. Marine Learning Systems is Murray’s third company. There he brings a wealth of product knowledge, software engineering expertise, and entrepreneurship to a global problem that affects anyone who travels the world’s oceans.

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Vik Khanna Sales Lessons Learned

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“It doesn’t matter what size or business you’re in—when you’re starting your sales and marketing should never be separated.”
—Vik Khanna, Founder of Faronics

You can’t have a business unless you learn how to sell. Faronics has become the leader in making computers used in education safe for students to use. This is the story of how four partners came together to solve a real need, building Faronics into a multi-million dollar software company by selling their product, Deep Freeze.

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Bob Graham Corporate Lessons Learned

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Bob Graham is a classic entrepreneur who started his first enterprise mowing lawns and teaching guitar in his neighborhood. After a succession of jobs, Bob realized he only had one life to live. A chance encounter led him to found Airwaves Music and grow it into Canada’s leading DJ company.

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Bob Park Entrepreneur Lessons Learned

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“All businesses are people businesses.” Bob Park, President & CEO, Fincad

Bob Park is an entrepreneur who has overcome numerous challenges and changes in the twenty-five years since he co-founded Fincad. Bob and his original partner started the business in 1990 in the early stages of the modern over-the-counter financial derivatives business. Coming from the brokerage industry, they saw that there was a tremendous imbalance between what the derivatives experts in the big banks knew and what their clients, mainly non-financial companies, knew. As a result, the corporate treasurers and CFOs of those customer organizations were making costly mistakes or even being cheated. Bob and his partner set out to level the playing field by providing the customers of the banks with the knowledge and technology needed to deal in the derivatives markets in an informed way. Bob started with almost no money and has weathered stormy periods to reinvent himself and his company.

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