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Having Fun with Seth Godin

Posted by David Greer in Community, Marketing | 1 comments

I have been intrigued with Seth Godin’s Kickstarter project The Icarus Deception promoting his new book of the same name. Seth leads us with his marketing vision and shares it via his blog and books. I took part in the Kickstarter project and ordered both The Icarus Deception and the behemoth collection of his digital work.

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Attracting Talent

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If you want to attract talented individuals to your business, you need to stand out from the crowd. All of the marketing and communication that you do for your customers will also form part of what attracts people to your company. When you look at your web site, social media platforms, and press coverage, be sure to look for these things:

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Form Factor

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I am often surprised at how strongly I react to the physical form factor of things that I buy and use. My wife does the toothpaste buying in our house and she recently bought Crest toothpaste that came in new packaging. At first it seems like a good idea — toothpaste that will stand up on the bathroom counter.

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Market Opportunities

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Changes in technology, people, demographics, and markets provide challenges and opportunities. For example, a friend reminded me of what it was like to go skiing when ski hills had incredibly slow two person chair lifts. Then along came four person detachable high speed chair lifts. Ski hills that embraced the new technology could not only take many more people up the hill every hour, they had a strong competitive market advantage over those that stuck with the old chair lift technology.

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