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Marketing Tips

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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Their marketing plans are similarly diverse and the sophistication of plan often has no relation to the size of the company or the markets they serve. There are certain marketing fundamentals that apply no matter what your business or your target markets and prospects. While we need to paint a vision for our prospects, maybe they do want to sail into the sunset, we also need to focus on those fundamentals that will let us communicate our vision.

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Being Online

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In 1995, I created a web site for Robelle, which was the 80,000th registered web site with CERN (there were 250,000 six months later). In 1996, I created a personal web site. Linkedin recently sent me an email congratulating me on being one of the first one million registered users of Linkedin (there are 100 million today).  Facebook got me around 2007.  I started twittering a year or two ago.

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Push or Pull

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Winching Lines

When sailing, you need to constantly adjust the sails to the current wind conditions. If the wind changes one way, you need to grind on the winch and pull the sail in. If the wind alters direction the opposite way, you need to let off some line so that sail can let the wind push itself out.

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Feel the Buzz

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Amusement Ride

Can you remember when you were young and thinking of meeting friends at the amusement fair? The sense of anticipation, the excitement, and finally meeting up with friends and taking your first ride together. Feeling the buzz of friendship, andrenaline, and a night out.

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