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Big Data in 2014

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Cruise ships, like the Norwegian Epic above, are getting bigger and bigger. The theory seems to be to that if you make it bigger they will come. For the cruise ship industry, that philosophy appears to be working.

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This is the Labour Day long weekend in Canada and the US. For me, this annual holiday marks the end of the summer as people return to school and work. As I wrote in Taking Things for Granted, it has been a struggle to recover from vertigo brought about by an inner ear infection in May. While my energy levels have been coming back at work, my overall active life has not been at 100%. It has required a lot of patience with myself to acknowledge that my body and brain need more healing.

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Shiny Red Ball Distractions

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Shiny red balls distract many high performing people, myself included. While playing with a ball can be invigorating, like we see with the children in the photo above, more often it proves to be a distraction. What can you do if you feel yourself being pulled into the next shiny red ball?

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Taking Things for Granted

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Today is the first day that I’ve run for almost three weeks. Early on the morning of May 14, 2013 I ran with a friend on Spanish Banks, near where the photo on the left was taken. As I got in the car, I was a little dizzy. I drove through a parking lot next to the beach, which started to feel like it was undulating underneath me. I drove another block before my whole world felt like giant ocean waves were moving the car and me in dizzying circles. It was all that I could do to safely pull to the curb and park.

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