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Challenge and Plan

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In 2015, I was fortunate to be able to write blog posts for numerous thought leadership blogs. For two of those blogs, I have been asked to be a regular writer. It is a privilege to be able to write for other blogs. In this post, I want to highlight The Lead Change Group and The CEO Magazine, what they represent, while giving you links to my latest writing for each. May you be challenged and plan in 2016.

Lead Change Group

The Lead Change Group was founded by Mike Henry, Sr. and in 2014 was taken over by Becky Robinson, CEO and Founder of Weaving Influence. Lead Change Group is a global organization committed to character-based leadership. My latest post focuses on an early challenge I was given and the lessons I learned about helping to safely challenge others towards their full potential.

Read Challenged Onto the Stage

The CEO Magazine

I focus on helping entrepreneurs who have founded and grown their business to at least $1M a year in revenue. The CEO Magazine focuses on high growth strategies for entrepreneurs and their teams, so it is a perfect match for me. This post shows you how you can realize the dreams for your business and you need to take the time to plan so those dreams can come true.

Read Plan Your Dreams

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