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Connect With People Today

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In 4 Vital Actions, I show you how to start, plan, finish, and connect with people every day to take you from being overwhelmed to in control. As you plan today, who are the critical people you need to have a conversation with? Both inside and outside your organization. What are the conversations that you must have?

My experience is that high performing individuals always try and do too much themselves. There is something about the human condition that seems to make it hard for us to ask for help. The truth is that to achieve any worthwhile goal, you need help to get there. As you plan your day, make a note of the people and conversations that you need to have during the day. In many organizations, conversations with people outside the organization are as important as those within.

It is also human to avoid difficult conversations. These are the ones that are the most important of all. Where we hold a first report accountable for something they have committed to doing. With a supplier who has not delivered on their promises. When you admit you can’t do it all and ask someone for their help. I know that I often head into the office with the intention of having that difficult conversation. Then the morning slips by and at lunch I have an internal pep talk with myself to have the conversation in the afternoon. As the afternoon slips away, I still have not had the conversation that I know I should be having. We all do this.

It is not fair to ourselves, those that report or work with us, or our organizations when we defer these seemingly awkward conversations. Other employees notice that you are letting someone off the hook. The person who must be accountable probably knows that they need a conversation to help them reach their potential and are looking for you for the leadership and courage to have the conversation. If you are burned out because you never ask for help, you are not helping yourself or your business.

When people come together they can make 1 + 1 = 3. What conversation do you need to have today so that you can create something greater than the sum of the parts?

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