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Connecting People

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I like to connect with people and help them connect with others. Whether as a spouse, parent, leader, or cheer leader. As a Canadian, I often look outside our borders to find global leaders who drive change in both business and life. In this post I wanted to introduce some of those that I have met on Twitter.

Becky Robinson

Becky Robinson is a mother, writer, and social media leader. She writes from the heart in blog Weaving Influence. Becky’s writing and her amazing interaction on Twitter inspire all of us to think more about how we are making an impact.

Jesse Lyn Stoner

Business consultant, author, and executive, Jesse Lyn has recently released the second edition of the book Full Stream Ahead. Already an influential book, Jesse Lyn and coauthor Ken Blanchard rewrote over 50% of it for the second edition. Both authors were surprised when Jesse Lyn’s online Twitter campaign took off, providing fantastic coverage and reviews of the book. In addition to her tweets, I like Jesse Lyn’s Sea Point Center Blog.

Wally Bock

If you need help becoming a boss, look up Wally Bock. His Three Star Leadership Blog is filled with practical ideas, based on Wally’s decades of experience. For business, he writes a weekly review of the best of the business blogs, condensing them into a single blog posting with Wally’s thoughts on why the postings are important.

Gwyn Teatro

As it happens, Gwyn Teatro lives just across the inlet from where I do. I didn’t know that until I connected with Gwyn from her tweets and her blog You’re Not the Boss of Me. Her passion is encouraging leaders to be the best they can be. Her point is that it is a business imperative to create environments where people can perform to their full potential. Her blog posts always give me much to learn from.

These are just four influential writers that I’ve connected with on Twitter. Who will you connect with today?

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