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Creating Success Through Culture

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If you want to dramatically improve the results of your company or organization, you need to focus on both your culture and people. Chris Edmonds’ has been showing people exactly how to do this for over twenty years. He has now taken this knowledge and beautifully presented it to us in his latest book The Culture Engine.

If you are frustrated with your existing results and are ready to lead your organization and people in completely new ways, this book is for you. Chris demonstrates how our behaviors define the culture of our organization. If we want different results, we need to change behaviors. If we want to change the behaviors, we need to change the culture.

Chris does not promise overnight results. Changing behaviors takes sustained effort and focus, especially for those that lead the organization. It all starts with you—the leader of the organization. As a leader, you need to first identify those core values you stand for. With these values, you then define the behaviours that demonstrate those values in a concrete way. Chris simplifies the whole process, by giving you concrete tools to work with.

Once you are clear on your own values and behaviors, Chris shows us how to craft an organizational constitution. The constitution starts by defining your organizational purpose in measurable terms. This is followed by writing down those key behaviors that everyone in the company must demonstrate to deliver your values to all your stakeholders—customers, prospects, partners, and employees to name a few. At every step Chris is there with you giving you tools, worksheets, real-life examples, and concrete advice that will let you define an organizational constitution that will let you succeed.

“Your Organizational Constitution Must be LIVED”

–Chris Edmonds, The Culture Engine

With all this necessary groundwork in place, Chris then goes on to provide even more assessments, surveys, processes, and easy to follow guidelines that let you measure progress on your defined values and behaviors. This starts with your own behaviors as a leader—including the courage to allow others to call you out when you are not demonstrating the very behaviors you have defined. Equally, leaders must get employees to align with the desired behaviors or in Chris’ words “lovingly set them free.”

Chris has a proven track record working with leaders, teams, and organizations to define their culture, organizational purpose and values, while coaching those same people through the entire process. The Culture Engine is a practical guide that will let you achieve the success that Chris has helped his clients achieve.

I believe that how we behave while we are doing our work, defines how we show up to our teammates, stakeholders, and the world. It is how we show up that determines our success. If you want success, purchase, read, and implement Chris Edmonds’ The Culture Engine.

Want to learn more? Check out Chris’ video below where he describes why culture is so important to your company’s success.

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