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David's Values

Coach David J Greer

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David is the catalyst who gets you to fully live your dreams now. After time with him you feel equally scared and hopeful. Scared at the audacity of your dreams and hopeful because you have someone in your corner with the experience and desire to see your dreams become real.

Zest for Life

David lives life to the fullest and works with people who have the same attitude. Life is to be lived and holding back is not an option. You live your zest in your own unique way, while sharing it near and far. Anyone you touch wants what you have to inspire and improve their lives.

Work With Others to “Get Stuff Done”

People who get stuff done make all the difference to our world. Talk is cheap. It is in action where you show what you are really about. Going it alone only takes you so far—collaborating with others is so much more than the sum of the parts. Creative solutions to tough challenges, comes from collaboration between people focused on a shared vision and you collaborate every day.

Massive Family Importance

Everything you think and do with the family brings an intensity of spirit that everyone can feel. Where others worry about what’s for dinner, you are thinking months or years ahead about what is best for you, your spouse, and your children. Family time is cherished, especially when pursing new adventures together as a family.

Constantly Learning and Improving

High performing people are never satisfied by the status quo. The bar is constantly rising. What was a challenge yesterday becomes the new norm to reach from today. You constantly push yourself to learn more and improve. You look outside your comfortable circles to find new people whom you can both learn from and be challenged by.