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Define Your Ideal Day

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As a coach, I work with clients to get really clear on what resonates with them. When we are reaching for a future state that resonates with our deepest self, we can overcome almost any barrier to that vision. All of us have visions for ourselves at one point or another in our lives. Few of us take the time to really figure out what a powerful vision for ourselves truly looks like. By identifying those aspects of a day that our ideal for us, we then have the building blocks to put into our future vision. This makes it easier to imagine our vision and to write it down. The most powerful visions we have are the ones we actually write down and then tell other people about.

Feeling Alive

When we are fully present doing those things that fulfil us everything is easy. Even if we are climbing the steep side of a mountain, if we are with people who we connect with, have planned our route carefully, and are fit for the challenge, we will feel completely alive, even in the moments where we struggle.

For an idea to resonate for you, it has to feel right. Writing down your ideal day will help you to identify the feelings that you want to experience the most. I want to feel like I have tackled something new, stretched myself into new areas, and feel like a gave everything I had while also content that I have learned and achieved something new for myself.

It’s All About You

It’s your life. You are the one who knows best what it takes to create the experiences and the feelings that you want. That is why the emphasis is on “your” ideal day. What activities do you want in your ideal day? Who are the people that will make your ideal day perfect? What will kick off your ideal day and how will you acknowledge and finish that day?

Think about all the transitions in your ideal day. Your connections to people. The more detail you put in, the more specific you can be, the more often you will put experiences into your every day that match what your ideal day looks like for you.

Every one of us has our ideal day. Often we have several versions of our ideal day. The questions above and this post are meant to help you come up with one or more of your own versions of your ideal day. Start now. You will be amazed when after writing down Your Ideal Day, you will automatically start living some aspects of that day every day.

If you need some inspiration, here is one example of An Ideal Day for me.


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