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Hearing to Listening

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Music is one of my hobbies and something I have had in my life from a very young age. After feeling stagnant with my music for some time, I’ve been looking at more ways to put music back into my life.

I listen to CBC Radio 2 Tonic. My passion is jazz music and Tonic is a nightly program that features two hours of jazz music. A few times lately I have been listening to Tonic when I have heard a musician that I really liked.

In the past, I would have had to stop listening, found pen and paper, and written down the musician’s name. Then later, I would need to go to the music store, search for the musician, and hope that the store carried the music (jazz selections at music stores is often limited).

The situation improved with the invention of the iStore. With the iStore it is easier to search and their catalog is much larger. But I’d still have to remember the artist’s name and later remember to go into iTunes, search, listen, and purchase the music.

I recently wrote about my experiences From the iPad to the iPhone. One of the surprising things about owning the iPhone is how I can short circuit the connection between listening to Tonic, being exciting about a song and artist that I’m listening to, and then immediately be able to browse and purchase the music on the iStore with my iPhone.

I sometimes think that the pace of the Western world celebrates immediacy at the expense of connections and relationships. In this case, I am reconnecting with new music and being inspired by new artists because the entire customer experience has made it possible for me to make the connection in the moment. I hadn’t expected that.

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