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Entrepreneurial Coaching

Entrepreneurs do extraordinary things because that’s how they are wired. Yet every entrepreneur, including David, reaches a plateau and gets stuck. With David you won’t be stuck any longer.

As an entrepreneur you face many challenges. Overcome them faster and accelerate your business sooner when you work with David 1-on-1 as your coach. Coaching services can be as simple as a six-month commitment to two hours of coaching a month. If you really want to accelerate, start with a one-day intensive strategic planning session, followed by monthly three-hour face-to-face meetings and a one-hour phone meeting.

No matter what the issue, David’s 35 years of experience will bring new perspective and solutions to whatever you are facing. Coaching sessions start with your wins, reminding you of the power of your success. Then we dig in together into the biggest things that are in front of you. No matter how massive the problem, David’s unique skill is to show you how to right size the problem and to create solutions that drive you forward.

Grow Your Business Now

Strategic Planning

Get To Where You Want To Go

The process of figuring out where you want to go takes time and effort. Here is a way to think about planning that will help. High growth companies operate at five or ten times the speed of a regular company. If you want high performance results, you need to think and act like a high performance and high growth company. In these companies, one quarter is the same as one year in a regular company, so planning that you would need to do in a regular business, say once a year, needs to be done quarterly.

As an entrepreneur you cannot do all the planning yourself. You need your team aligned and performing together to take your company to the next level. And the only way to do this is to get off site and plan together.

As a strategic planning leader, David knows how to build an agenda and facilitate you and your team in one and two-day offsite planning sessions. With his help, you will discover what are the biggest obstacles blocking your company today. At the same time he will ensure that concrete and measurable goals will be set for the next quarter, while you have the key measures to keep everyone accountable. The end result is a clear plan that will accelerate you and your business through the quarter and the year.

How David Helps

Being Overwhelmed Versus Being In Control

Entrepreneurs always have a lot on the go. With so much going on, it is easy to go from keeping all the balls in the air to dropping one or more of them, instantly feeling overwhelmed. David can show you a path through the madness of an incredibly full life accelerating you past where you are stuck to the next level of experience and success that you want to achieve.

Dealing With Situations You Don’t Know How To Handle

We all get into new situations where we are lost. For entrepreneurs, this can be every week or every day. David can show you how to deal with new situations by sharing his experience. While he may not have experience with your particular situation, having helped himself and others through thousands of challenging experiences, David can show you a way through your situation.

You Are Alone, But You Don’t Have to be Lonely

David has news for you—it is lonely at the top. As an entrepreneur and leader there is just too many things you cannot take to your staff, your senior leadership team, your board, or your chairman. It is critical to have an unbiased sounding board with no skin in any of the outcomes of what you are dealing with. This is invaluable in providing clarity and honest feedback. David lets you lean in when you are feeling alone.

Holding You Accountable

There may be some people on the planet that can hold themselves accountable to achieving phenomenal goals. David is not certain that he has ever met one. David helps you clarify the really important actions that need to get done and then holds you accountable to getting them done. It is amazing what you can achieve, when you are truly accountable to someone you trust.

Help You Grow

We all have blinders on about ourselves. Places where we need to grow if we want to realize our dreams and visions. Team members around us either don’t know where we need to grow or have their own biases and expectations about your behavior. David works with you to identify and clarify those areas where you need to grow in order to move to your next level in business and in life.

Get the Courage You Need

Albert Einstein told us “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” Not only are we unable to see the core of the problems in front of us, our built-in fears and stories stop us from tackling them. David shows you the problems you face while bringing creative ways for you to chew away and solve seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Have Someone 100% In Your Corner

We all need someone who 100% covers our backs. David let’s you talk about anything, in your life, or in your business, without judgment. Even the stuff you never, ever wanted to talk about. You can go forward with confidence because you know you have him right behind you every step of the way.

Get Alignment

While you may have a clear vision of where you are going, your team may not be on the same page. The only way to get aligned is to meet offsite to tackle your biggest problems. David helps you and your team overcome the challenges while getting everyone aligned on your purpose, vision, and goals so that you will accelerate your business now.

Slow Down to Speed Up

You have to get out of your business to focus on your business, yet few entrepreneurs do this. Are you consumed by the next fire that shows up, rather than seizing your destiny and deciding where you want to go? David makes sure you make the decision for your future by focusing you on the strategy that will make you successful.