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David Greer has spent over three decades presenting keynotes and speaking to audiences around the planet. His engaging style is matched by the challenges he puts in front of your attendees.

If you want your audience to leave ready for action, hire David to speak at one of your events.

Entrepreneurial Speaking

David specializes in speaking to entrepreneurial audiences. He engages entrepreneurs to show them they can have the business and the life they want.

Slow Down to Speed Up

4 Vital Actions to Operate By Design Not By Default

Are you an overwhelmed entrepreneur? Does the thought of spending another day at your office fill you with dread? Does everyone come to you for the answer? Did you start your business so that you could have freedom only to discover that daily fire fighting strips your freedom away?

In Slow Down to Speed Up, David will show you how you can go from overwhelm to in control. Rather than another day of constant interruptions you can decide what your day will be like. He will show you how he built a multi-million dollar business, while still having time for him and his family. David made the choice and that same choice is right there for you too.

You will learn:

  • 4 vital actions to operate by design not be default.
  • Ten core strategies needed for high performing businesses.
  • You will make one single choice during David’s presentation to dramatically reduce overwhelm.

It’s Your Life

You can be a high performing entrepreneur and have the life you want. Slow Down to Speed Up will challenge you to make a single choice that will eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed and put you back in the driver’s seat of your business.

It’s up to you—what are you waiting for?