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Continual Growth

Posted by David Greer in Growth | 0 comments


The biggest challenge high growth businesses face is mentoring and creating the next set of leaders. A recent project reminded me of the lessons I learned while attending the University of British Columbia which you can apply to help yourself and your next set of leaders continually grow.

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Twitter Experiences

Posted by David Greer in Communication | 0 comments


I have been using @djgreer on Twitter for a year or two, but this year I have made a concerted effort to use Twitter as a platform to:

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Connecting People

Posted by David Greer in Community, Leadership | 2 comments


I like to connect with people and help them connect with others. Whether as a spouse, parent, leader, or cheer leader. As a Canadian, I often look outside our borders to find global leaders who drive change in both business and life. In this post I wanted to introduce some of those that I have met on Twitter.

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