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Cross the Finish Line

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Entrepreneurs need to set clear goals to get what they want in their business. The question then becomes what is a clear goal? A clear goal is one where everyone can agree that a finish line has been crossed when you get to the end of a quarter or year.

While the concept might be simple, finding, setting, and making clear goals is often more art than science. When you meet with your senior executive team to set your annual and quarterly goals, look for these three things when goal setting.

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Marketing Tips

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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Their marketing plans are similarly diverse and the sophistication of plan often has no relation to the size of the company or the markets they serve. There are certain marketing fundamentals that apply no matter what your business or your target markets and prospects. While we need to paint a vision for our prospects, maybe they do want to sail into the sunset, we also need to focus on those fundamentals that will let us communicate our vision.

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Move the Average

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I last wrote in Red, Orange, or Green that top performing organizations find one or two critical numbers that drive all organizational results. Rather than tracking tens or hundreds of numbers, there are always a handful of critical ones that all the others depend on. Focusing on those few critical numbers creates rhythm and momentum. I want to give some concrete examples of how this works for me.

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Red, Orange, or Green

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I wrote in my last blog post Vision, Goals, and Actions about how critical it is to take a time out, create a vision for your company, and then plan the five year, one year, and next quarter plans, complete with measurable key productivity indicators. This post is about those key productivity indicators.

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