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Discipline to be Different

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An outline of Ray Zinn doing a hand stand is featured on the cover of his new book Tough Things First. While I can’t do hand stands, I did do a head stand in honour of Ray and his book.

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When Your Growth Gets Stuck

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Are you an entrepreneur who has reached the point where the growth of your business is stuck? Are you at a plateau where it seems like you cannot break through the challenge of your current revenues? Whether that is $1M, $5M, $20M, or more. The challenge is that the people and actions that got you to your current point, will not take you to where you want to go next. If you are stuck in a plateau and want to grow your business, here are some areas to focus on.

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People: Take Action Now

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Every chapter of my book Wind In Your Sails: Vital Strategies That Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Growth ends with the section Take Action Now. Here are my actions to look after and engage with the people in your company.

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Bart Copeland People Lessons Learned

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What do you do when you have helped build a successful software company, attracted some of the best technical talent in the world, and are achieving steady double-digit top-line revenue growth? Bart Copeland, CEO, the Management Team, and the board of directors of ActiveState faced this challenge. What they did might surprise you.

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