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Alignment at RTOWN

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I recently attended a presentation by RTOWN co-founder and CEO Luke Aulin. What I liked about Luke’s presentation is how he showed us all the ways in which he brought alive his planning and execution ideas in RTOWN. Luke founded RTOWN with a single purpose:

“To help local businesses succeed.”

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Creating Success Through Culture

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If you want to dramatically improve the results of your company or organization, you need to focus on both your culture and people. Chris Edmonds’ has been showing people exactly how to do this for over twenty years. He has now taken this knowledge and beautifully presented it to us in his latest book The Culture Engine.

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Vision, Goals, and Actions

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Jesse Lyn Stoner’s blog posting 6 Tips to Set Goals That Will Get You Where You Want to Go got me thinking about how I help companies create a vision, set goals, and measure actions. I’ve learned that the best practice involves looking at your business the opposite way that most people do. Rather than look at the next quarter or the next year, you start with your core values that will survive forever, look forward fifteen or twenty years, and then work backwards from there.

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A Sense of Community

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This human castle, called a castell, was created in Barcelona by a group of visiting youth from the Balearic Islands. Our family had been watching these groups prepare, dance, and then gather together to build competing castells. Even though we could not understand their language, there was a strong sense of community among the groups. They had a shared culture, history, and goal.

In the Daily Gumboot review of the book The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, the reviewer’s book club considered author Alain de Bottom’s challenge of what ideas the book club had for future editions of the book. In considering the pleasures of work they came up with “Camaraderie, laughter, community and mentorship”. Sitting in Barcelona watching youth build their castell, there was lots of all four.

Gwyn Teatro writes in Guiding Rookies ~ Three Steps To Doing It Well of her experience in bringing new employees into an organization. Her first guideline is to “Help Them Connect to …”

  • Organizational purpose
  • Values on which the organization is built
  • Internal and external networks

In short, connect to the broad community that the organization represents. By connecting and being part of a community with shared vision and goals, we can create great things. The youth building the castells in Barcelona had a clear organization purpose, shared values and history to build upon, and we watched their internal and external networks at work as they competed against teams from different areas. The end result — a human castle of amazing proportions was beautiful to watch.

What is your organizations sense of community?