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Peak Personal Performance

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Leaders set the tone. How we show up has a big impact on those we lead. Showing up at your peak performance helps ensure that you show up the best you can be for all those around you. To achieve your peak personal performance focus on these areas in your life.

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Connect With People Today

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In 4 Vital Actions, I show you how to start, plan, finish, and connect with people every day to take you from being overwhelmed to in control. As you plan today, who are the critical people you need to have a conversation with? Both inside and outside your organization. What are the conversations that you must have?

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4 Vital Actions

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I awoke from a deep sleep as the alarm went off at 5:15 am. I slowly rolled out of bed, making my way to our master bathroom. Above me it was inky dark as I looked up and heard the rain drops fall on our skylight window. Turning the light on I dressed in my exercise clothes appreciating my water proof pants. I knew it would be wet on the beach when I met up with my running friends at 6:00 for our weekly jog.

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