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Look In the Mirror

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Entrepreneurs are by definition leaders. It takes a leader to see a market need, come up with a product or service to satisfy that need, and then to go out and sell it. Those are all leadership acts in and of themselves. If you are an entrepreneur who has hired contractors or employees, you lead even more, by showing up for those individuals who work for you every day.

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Plan Your Day

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In 4 Vital Actions, I present four areas of your day where you should focus: start, plan, connections, and finish. How and when you plan your day has a massive impact on how your day works out. What path are you going to choose for the mountains you need to climb? How will you communicate to your team what route they need to take?

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Positive Every Day

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For two years my wife and I lived on a sailboat in the Mediterranean while we home schooled our three children. That adventure gave us a legacy that our family continues to draw from. When we are “stuck” on an issue we can change the tone of the discussion by focusing on the positive, such as when we stayed in the marina in Calvi, Corsica, France, exploring the fabulous village and enjoyed views like the one above.

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