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Time to Respond

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I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about his experiences in trying to rent a place for him and his family for summer holidays. He had used a couple of the popular online sites. He had made inquires on several properties and was surprised that even after 24 hours some of his inquiries had never got a response.

If you are involved in sales, how do you measure response time? Do you make sure that there is a response to every incoming phone and web request? In many sales situations, the first to respond has the best chance of winning mind share of the prospect and eventually winning the deal.

Another area in sales where responsiveness is critical is following up when you said you would. From providing quotes to making your phone and in person appointments on time, it is remarkable how many people fall down in these simple areas. If you cannot be trusted to call a person when you said that you would or do an action on time and as promised, why would a prospect trust you with your business.

Being responsive is a critical element in building trust. How do you respond on time?

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