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Wind In Your Sails Video: Entrepreneur Strategy

David’s book Wind In Your Sails has ten strategies. The book starts with the strategy for the entrepreneur. In this video, David talks about the importance of you the entrepreneur and how you show up to the success of your business.



If you prefer, here is the audio version:


Transcript of Entrepreneur Strategy

Hi Everyone. I am Coach David J Greer. Today I want to talk to you about entrepreneur strategy. You, the entrepreneur, are the single biggest impact on your business. If you have a bad drive into work and steam is coming out your ears just because a couple people cut you off, everyone in the company will assume that the business is having a bad day.
How do you plan your day? I like to start my day by updating my plan. Many entrepreneurs I know update their plan at the end of the previous day. Either way you need to make sure that there are activities and time booked in your calendar to move ahead those key strategic goals that you have identified in your quarterly plan.
When I first get into the office I first like to check in with each of my first reports, hear their wins, find find out their plans for the day, and make sure that there is no impediments to their progress. An alternative to that is to have a fifteen minute stand up meeting with your senior management team sharing the wins and then making sure all of you are aligned for the day. Only after that do you do the final update of your plan for the day. What is the first thing you do when you get into the office
I believe listening is one of the most important skills we need to have as entrepreneurs. We were given two ears and one mouth because I believe we should speak half as much as we listen. Listening is not about busy brain for something that was said 30 seconds ago, but rather being fully present to the person who is speaking right now especially if they have views that are divergent from my own.
I start my book Wind In Your Sails with the chapter on the entrepreneur, because I know that you the entrepreneur have the single biggest impact on your business.