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David’s book Wind In Your Sails has ten strategies. Marketing leads sales. When marketing lays the groundwork, it makes it easy for sales to close the leads that marketing generates.


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Transcript of Marketing Strategy

Hi Everyone, I am Coach David J. Greer and today I want to talk to you about Marketing Strategy. Who is your ideal customer? If that customer walked by on this path right now, what can you tell me about them? What are all the different characteristics that make up one of your ideal customers?

We want to know our ideal customer because those characteristics help us to find segments—characteristics that are common to a group of your ideal customers. We want to take those groups and then figure out how to market to them. Where do they hang out? What magazines do they read? What blogs do they check in to? What trade shows do they go to? Because we only have so much time and money to market to each group we need to be very focused on how we attack each of those segments.

What is the particular pain that your customers is in? How do you solve that pain with your service or product? The bigger the pain and the better the way that you solve it with your solutions, the more value that you are going to deliver to the customer.

Marketing leads sales. The way that I think about it is that marketing is creating a runway for sales people to land planes on. If we build a very wide and a very long runway, our sales people can land really big 747s.

Positioning is showing how your company and and its products and services are better than other companies and their products and services. In today’s world, buyers go and research vendors long before they start talking to you about the sales process. You want to position yourself to make sure that your one of the two to three vendors that they are going to select to talk to.

In my book Wind In Your Sails, I show how you can use marketing strategy to identify your ideal customers to make it easier to generate leads and for your sales people to move people through the sales process.