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Wind In Your Sails Video: Product Strategy

David’s book Wind In Your Sails has ten strategies. To create amazing products and services, start by deeply understanding your ideal customer’s needs. Then show them something tangible, so you will know right away whether you are on the right track or not.


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Transcript of Product Strategy

Hi, I am Coach David J. Greer and today I want to talk about product strategy. When interviewing prospective customers about your potential product or service, people will often tell you what they think they want. You want to find out what they really need.

Start by asking the question why. If you ask why three times you usually get down to something that is really painful. Find out those really painful points that people are suffering with. Then collaborate with them to figure out how you can solve those pain points in some innovative way. That’s how you create super high value products and services.

To create fantastic experiences for your customers, you need to view your product or service with a 360-degree view. At its core is that piece that you deliver yourself. It is really rate for that to be the complete experience for the customer.

If you have a physical product and you ship it to them, part of that experience will be actually receiving it at their home or business. If you partner with others for the support or the service of the product, they will also evaluate their product experience based on their experience with those people. When creating your products or services you need to take this complete holistic view of how the customer is going to experience what you create.

Small and fast is a lot better than long and complicated. As humans we are terrible at really understanding what it is we need. We are great about giving feedback once we can see or touch something. Put a prototype or a PowerPoint or a description or a white paper or anything tangible into your prospects hands. Then get them to give you feedback as to whether you are on track or not. Much better to do that in the first two weeks of a project rather than two years after you have gone and built the wrong thing.

In Wind In Your Sailss, I show you how you can create great products and services that solve really deep pain points so you create tremendous value in your market places.