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I enjoy leading a passionate life no matter what I am doing. Because I live intensely I often have to balance off one part of my life with another. When things are driven and challenging at work, I look to my personal life to recharge my batteries. Over the years I have made note of those things that work to get me into a different frame of mind.

Get Physical. I make sure that I keep up with my physical fitness routine. I exercise first thing in the morning six days a week (Saturday is my day off). Whenever possible, I meet up with other people. Having someone to meet, visit with, and share the ups and downs of exercising helps keep me motivated.

Be Outside. I like to be connected to the outside environment. Whether it is hiking, skiing, or a walk on the beach with my kids, being outside reconnects me with nature. It reminds me of how much bigger the world is than me. If helps that we happen to live in Vancouver, BC, which has tremendous natural beauty.

Connect with friends and family. Having dinner with the whole family, hearing about my wife’s and children’s day, or heading out on a big adventure with friends, connects me to those I am close to. Listening to them and being part of a close social group gets me focused on other people and thinking in new ways.

Sailing. Being on a sailboat and heading out for new destinations starts to recharge me as soon as we leave the dock. Letting the wind guide where we go, sitting comfortably at anchor, cooking, and sharing it all with people I am close to is one of the most perfect ways I get energized.

Travel. Exploring new areas, meeting new people, living in an environment where no one speaks English, and doing it with friends or family opens new doors for me. In the photo above, I am shopping in a market in Palma de Mallorca, Balearics, Spain where my wife Karalee and I were staying with friends on their sailboat. What a perfect way for me to have a change of pace and get myself ready for whatever comes next.

How do you recharge?

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  1. Jeanette Nutsford says:

    Interesting – I recharge by relaxing at home after a long journey overseas. Traveling and visiting new places but especially visiting with old friends is my main occupation these days and I love every moment. Thanks for your inspiration David, we love visiting your beautiful city and mountains. Hopefully we will be able to do this again. The mountains inspire me to think outside of myself.

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